Association By-laws state that:

“Committees may be established by the Board from time to time to represent concerns and interests of the Association.   Members who are not currently serving on the Board may be members of one or more committees.  The President may appoint non-members of the Association to serve on committees, so long as the majority of members of any Committee are members of the Association.  At least one Director must be a member of each committee. Committee meetings may be held at places, dates and times established by the Committee.”

The largest committee is the Neighborhood Chairpersons Committee, which has representatives for all the lakes.  The Executive committee members are the President, Vice President, Executive Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer.  Memberships on other committees vary as do actual committees as Lake Association projects and issues change.  Current committees include:  History, Newsletter, Neighborhood Chairpersons, Publicity, Signs-Lake, Signs-Name/Arrow, Water Patrol/Safety, Water Quality, and Website.